Cam Gigandet Fan was started in August of 2009 by Holly when it was placed up for adoption. She was a bit worried at first, but realized she’s loved Cam since his role on The O.C. and decided to go for broke. There was already one great Cam site out there and she didn’t want to compete with it, Holly just want to show her support for him and in no way plan to be as great as that site (she knew that she couldn’t match up to that site).

In late November 2010, Jen adopted the site from Holly, but she offered to still be on board with the site. Jen have been a fan of Cam since the first time she had seen Never Back Down in 2008 and her love for him grew over time. She also didn’t like to compete with other fansites to be better than the others, she just loves sharing the love and appreciation for entertainers by running fansites.

In February 2012, Ursa adopted the website from Jen. She has been a huge fan of Cam since 2008, and it was such an honour for her to be part of this great website. Unfortunately, the other source (website both, Holly and Jen talk about) closed in January 2012.

In December 2013, I (Jasper) joined the site to help Ursa out. I’ve been a fan of Cam since 2010, after watching the film, The Experiment. In January 2014, I took over the site as the sole owner.