February 03, 2014

You can now find 260 high-quality screencaps of Cam in Free Ride in the gallery. Enjoy!

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September 24, 2013

We have a brand new still from Free Ride, featuring Anna Paquin as Christina and Cam Gigandet as Ray.

Free Ride is a true crime drama set in 1978. Anna Paquin leads as Christina Milland, a downtrodden mother of two who decides there’s nothing left for her family in blue-collar Ohio, so relocates to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The weather, lifestyle, and her new job cleaning houses in a wealthy neighborhood are invigorating, however, eventually, Christina comes to want more for her family and realizes that she can get it by teaming up with a marijuana cartel to put those big, empty mansions to use.


June 01, 2013

The official poster of Free Ride starring Cam Gigandet and Anne Paquin is now out. The movie has recently been picked up for distribution in the US and Canada by Phase 4, and Cargo for international screening.
Unfortunately, we have no information on when the movie’s coming out, but as soon as we find that out, we’ll share it.

Shana Betz, Free Ride director, also shared a nice shot of the stars.