August 16, 2013

Today is Cam’s 31st birthday and I’d like to wish him all the very best. Happy birthday! May it be as amazing as you are, Cam.

If you have a wish you’d like to leave for Cam, feel free to visit our virtual birthday card.

January 23, 2011

Cam Gigandet, star of Twilight and Burlesque is the face of the brand new skin care line ClickR!

He recently did an interview with Teen Vogue and here are a few of his answers:

What’s it been like being part of Twilight? What about the crazy fans??
When it comes to the fans, it’s just been so exciting! The whole thing was so surreal, because the fans are so intense and there are so many. At the premiere we were all kind of in shock because we were so young in our careers, it was a totally new thing and we couldn’t get over it, and it just continues. It’s such a phenomenon and we all just love every second of it.

Do you have any particular crazy fan moments?
No! I really don’t, everyone is so kind, especially in the public. People would come up and politely ask if they could have a photo or something. Everyone has been so nice!

Read the whole interview here!

January 06, 2011

I just put up a new layout made by my good friend, and amazing designer, Tran. I hope you all like it and feedback is always appreciated!

December 02, 2010

Hello everyone!
I’m Jen, the new owner of Gigandet Fan! I’ve been a fan of Cam for years and decided I wanted to adopt this site. Within the next two weeks, I’ll be updating the site, so bare with me while I work on the site! I’ll also be working on a theme for the gallery as well as capping Twilight and just updating the gallery in general.

I’ve just created a twitter page for the site as well, so please follow!

February 28, 2010

At a new domain thanks to my wonderful host Gertie. We formerly used to be but have moved to .org.

Say tuned as Michelle and I begin again on the site and get things up to date!

September 16, 2009

Welcome to Gigandet fan, your newest source for Cam Gigandet. Not everything is set up currently, but we’re off to a good start. The gallery will have a new theme in the following weeks, I just haven’t had time to code it all up at the moment.

I’m accepting affiliates of every kind, so feel free to apply