July 09, 2014

I’ve added 527 HQ screencaps of Cam in the recent episode of Reckless. What a great episode, wasn’t it?

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P.S. Please do not re-upload these elsewhere.

1 Comment to "‘Reckless’ 1.02 ‘Parting Shots’ Screencaps"
  1. darci says:

    OK first off, I love that they used “The Love Club” by Lorde in the opening scene when Jamie and Preston are in bed and joking (or not) about taking their relationship to the next level via key exchange. It’s actually kind of disturbing that a teenager can make such a sultry sounding song, but I love it.

    Speaking of sultry, I also thought they did a really good job portraying Roy’s internal struggle about ow to deal with the missing footage from the police sex tape. Cam Gigandet is really a fantastic actor, and I like his ability to portray a lot of emotion without over-acting, he’s great at being subtle.