April 09, 2012

From My Hunger Games:

Finnick Odair is described as being tall, muscular and athletic, with golden skin, bronze-colored hair, and seafoam green eyes. Katniss puts his success down to a combination of his physical skill and unprecedented popularity among the Capitol.

Recently I’ve seen Cam mentioned on several different sites as a perfect Finnick. What do you think? Can you picture Cam in this role?

Some comments I came across:

“I pictured Cam Gigandet as Finnick…he’s got the smug cockiness, but can play to the lovable Finnick later on.” – Shannon

“Cam Gigandet would be a perfect Finnick. He is for sure hot enough, has the right color eyes, rocking body and could pull off the Finnick’s edge.” – Anonymous

“The person who should play Finnick should be Cam Gigandet. HE’S TOTALLY HOT!!!!”
– Syllan

3 Comments to "Should Cam Play Finnick in the Hunger Games Sequel?"
  1. Cupcakequeen says:

    I think he would be wonderful as Finnick! I haven’t read the second book just yet, but I am about to and I’ve been told of Finnick. Cam would be a lovely casting for him.

  2. rhonda says:

    Cam would be perrrrfect as Finnick!

  3. Sharayah says:

    I saw him in a movie a few days ago and thought, “He’d be a perfect Finnick!”

    So yes yes yes!!!