May 16, 2011

‘What happens on the train is pretty extraordinary,’ movie’s star Paul Bettany says.
Although it didn’t have quite enough oomph to top R-rated romp “Bridesmaids” at the box office, the unique thriller “Priest” has plenty to offer filmgoers via its high-caliber stars Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q, Karl Urban, and Lily Collins, its “satisfying mash-up” of genres, and, the key ingredient to any popcorn flick, plenty of action.

When MTV News caught up with the cast recently, we asked them to pick their favorite action scene in the film, which was directed by Scott Stewart and revolves around a specially trained warrior priest (Bettany) who must fight vampires in order to save his kidnapped niece (Collins). Coincidentally enough, they all agreed on a favorite: the climactic battle scene, which takes place on top of, inside and in front of a speeding train.

“There so many,” Maggie Q said. “I guess the train sequence, where everybody is kind of into it, is pretty great,” she said. “They’re on the train, and then she [Maggie’s character] is on the bike. I thought the editing was genius.”

“What happens on the train is pretty extraordinary,” Bettany added. The action intercut with Cam [Gigandet] inside the train, with Karl [Urban] and I on top of the train, having this battle royale, and with Maggie further down the track trying to blow the track up, and fighting with all the familiars, on motorbikes and stuff. … [It’s] pretty great.”

“I thought it was really cool when Paul [Bettany] and Karl [Urban] are on top of the train,” Collins said of the pivotal scene. “I remember the day they shot that, and it looks epic from far away,” she said. “I remember how hard it was to choreograph that. It was like a dance on wires. It looks really, really cool. I feel like my stunt scenes are cool too, but visually I think that one looked really awesome.”

“I have to go with Maggie’s [action sequence],” Gigandet added. “In the very end with the thingamajig [a knife blade/Chinese star-type weapon that she swings around her head], that’s pretty rock star-ish. She does it with this simplistic grace.”

“Yeah she just does it, and she’s [so] calm about it,” Collins added.

Source: MTV News

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