April 03, 2011

Screen Gems showed scene footage to a select audience last night at WonderCon in San Francisco.

The film is based on the graphic novel by Min-Woo Hyung. It follows a vampire hunting priest who disobeyed his order to track down vampires who kidnapped his niece.

During the presentation, Hyung was present along with director Scott Stewart, Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet and Lily Collins.

The footage was shown in 3D.


The footage shown was with Priest (Bettany) and Hicks (Gigandet) in an underground bunker, which served as a sleeping quarters for a few vampires. The Priest broke into a cell where there was a metal coffin and a vampire’s scared bald slaves told the priest not to disturb his masters.

As the Priest interrogated the vampire slave, several other vampire slaves spotted Hicks in the hallway outside the cell. They attacked and managed to wound Hicks. Hicks cried for Priest’s help and ran back to the surface.

The vampire slaves cornered Hicks and he was about to shoot them with his gun. Priest jumped in between and told Hicks to “save his bullets.” There was a good fight sequence between the slaves and Priest.

With one slave survivor, the Priest continued to interrogate the whereabouts of his niece. He tortured the slave by sticking a digger into his body and began to twist. Priest told the slave he only needed ten seconds to get the information out of him.

The slave laughed and told the priest he only needed ten seconds anyways. Priest and Hicks look over a building and noticed the sun quickly setting. As the final light disappears, the vampires woke up and rose to the surface.

Another battle ensued between the good guys against the vampires with shurikens and bullets. After dispatching the vampires and letting one flee, Priest turned to back to slave for interrogation. And it ended with a surprise as the slave laughed at the priest.

To complete the presentation, they showed a quick trailer of various scenes.

Gig Patta’s Reaction: The 3D effects looked great. I haven’t seen terrific 3-D effects since “Resident Evil: Afterlife.” However, I am a bit skeptical since it does look like the Resident Evil with slow-motion stunts, flying bullets, swords, whips and everything else. Since I do like those types of movies anyways, I actually liked the footage. My favorite scene is with Maggie Q’s Priestess fighting off several bikers with a chain whip. This film has potential.

Melissa Molina’s Reaction: The biggest surprise had to be with the overall reaction for “Priest,” the film based off the popular South Korean comics created by Hyung Min-woo. They’re certainly pulling for the gimmicks when it comes to the 3D footage, using the “throwing something at the middle of the screen” trick to show off the added dimension. One thing’s for sure, “Priest” is definitely not lacking in action in any way, shape or form. As a matter of fact, the action actually does kind of play like you’re watching an anime or reading a japanese manga. As kick-ass as Paul Bettany was in the footage, the shining star was Maggie Q who literally ripped vampire scum to kingdom come. Not only is the 3D not a complete eyesore, but the film overall just looks like a fun vampire-filled action romp. Also, since the audience pretty much unanimously agreed that Cam Gigadnet was forgiven of his “Twilight” crimes, maybe that’ll be another verbal wave that will bring even more people to theaters when it comes out.

Source: Latino Review

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