February 04, 2011

Another day, another “Mortal Instruments” rumor to be squashed/started…this time by me! First off, no, Cam Gigandet hasn’t been offered a role in the upcoming “City of Bones” big-screen adaptation (as far as I know). Second, I am totally and completely behind the rumors/negotiations involved in getting “I Am Number Four” and “Beastly” star Alex Pettyfer into the film as dreamy Shadowhunter Jace Wayland (even if things might not work out with that).

However! Due to the fact that Mr. Gigandet has appeared in just about EVERY Screen Gems movie in the last year or so (“Easy A,” “Burlesque,” “The Roommate,” and the upcoming vampire action flick “Priest”), it is fair for me to assume that someone at Screen Gems (the studio backing “City of Bones”) has at least sent the blue-eyed pretty boy a script to peruse.

When MTV News caught up with Gigandet recently during the press day for “The Roommate,” I asked him if he’d seen the script or if there might be something fun for him to play in the film.

“No, no,” he said. Which bummed me out, until he expressed that the main reason he’s probably not in contention for any roles in the film is due to his age.

“Hey, I would love to… but I’m like 28,” he added, which, to my speculative ears, means that if he knows how old the characters are in the project, he is at least familiar with the material. So I told him he doesn’t need to play young, he can take on some other more mature character instead.

“I don’t have to play the 12-year-olds?” he said with a smile. “Ha ha. You know, hey, [and then he crossed his fingers and held them up to camera, showing that maybe there’s hope for him and ‘City of Bones’ yet].”

Source: Hollywood Crush

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